Re-entry Resources

1. Sunshine Enterprises

(Entrepreneur Workshops)

P: 312-868-0040

2. Inmates to Entrepreneurs


P: 800-206-9764

4. Help For Felons

(Re-entry jobs, housing & more)

5. Jail to Job (employment)

6. Felon Hire (Employment)

7. The Fortune Society (Re-entry services)




11. ConConnect

(Networking platform for formerly incarcerated)

12. Saint Leonard's Ministries

(Housing, healthcare, mental health, employment training) P: 312-894-7981

13. Safe Foundation P: 312-922-2200

14. Prison Entrepreneurship Program P:832-767-0928

15. Children of incarcerated parents

16. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health (employment, health care, housing, re-entry by state etc.)

17. National Reentry Resource Center

18. Teaches inmates and parolees to code

19. Reentry magazine dedicated to assisting formerly incarcerated succeed

20. Restore Justice

Employment, clothing, haircuts & more

21. Agape Mission (IL Residents)

22. 7-70 (IL Residents)

23. RX (IL Residents)

24. Cara (entry level jobs)

25. Helping Ourselves To Transform

Reentry Services in DMV

26. Westside Justice Center

Has a reentry hotline.

Home | Westside Justice Center

27. Honest Jobs

We help people impacted by the criminal justice system find jobs fast!

28. Defy Ventures

Provides pathways to financial independence for currently and formerly incarcerated people.

29. 70 Million Resources, Inc.

A free, national employment platform specifically for individuals with criminal records. Visit their website, 

for tens of thousands of criminal background-friendly jobs, nationwide. 

30. Commissary Club

A free mobile app exclusively for people with criminal records: it offers community-building virtual events, 450+ nonprofit reentry partners, mentorship programs, job opportunities, reentry resource sharing, and more.


31. North Lawndale Employment Network.

1111 S. Homan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60624.  

Entry to career advancement employment opportunities; digital literacy education; and community resource room. 

32. Community Health Insurance Program, CHI Program.

Health Resources for Returning Citizens. Most qualify for a Health Insurance Policy at no cost.

No fees for our assistance! 


33. Recidivism Crushers. 
Changing mindsets and lifestyles while injecting positive attributes upon each individual.

Do you know of any re-entry resources not listed above? Please add them to our comment section below.