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Wrongfully Convicted: An Incredible Story of Redemption.

Special Interview with Aaron Smith.

For those who have spent any amount of time incarcerated, you can attest for all of the grand plans and visions of the men or women you were incarcerated with, not to mention your own. Despite the dismal circumstances of confinement, being pulled out of society with so much less to distract you opens your mind to entirely new possibilities. As we have shown you time and again on the Escaping The Odds podcast, incarceration is a speed bump not a roadblock.

In fact, one could argue that it may even super charge some individual's personal growth as the justice system forces you to trade your freedom for time. In other words, you many no longer be free, but you still have the power to chose how you respond to your environment. With little responsibility and obligations, many incarcerated men and women choose to dive into books, accumulating vast amounts of knowledge that will allow them to not only transform their lives, but that of their communities.

More than that, prison often acts as a catalyst to provide a mission and purpose to one's life. This was especially the case for Jefferey Deskovic who spent nearly 15 years in prison for murder. Despite police and judicial corruption, Deskovic held firm to his innocence and was even denied the opportunity for parole because the parole board did not believe he was expressing "remorse" for his supposed crime.

His fortune ultimately turned when the Innocence Project agreed to represent him, an open-minded DA took office, and the actual perpetrator's DNA hit the data bank after committing another murder.. With his new found freedom in hand, Deskovic ran with his personal mission and new perspective of the world to become a positive agent for change and criminal justice reform.

Not only has he started the Jeffery Deskovic Foundation for Justice to help earn the freedom of other wrongfully accused inmates, but he has lobbied for policy reform, became a lawyer and has inspired others with his amazing story of overcoming adversity.

Edited by Brett booker (currently incarcerated) aka the Crypto kid.

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