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This Nonprofit Lender Serves Entrepreneurs with Education and Capital.

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Season 2 Episode 9.

Erica: We are a nonprofit mission-driven lender who works to serve entrepreneurs with education and capital to help them start businesses and to help them grow businesses. And so a lot of our services are geared towards those entrepreneurs that don't have access to traditional capital like bank capital bank debt.

Erica: And so we started our program to, to reach those entrepreneurs who have excellent businesses or business ideas, and to give them that platform so that they can start a business and our grow of it. And many of the businesses are, like I said, underserved via because they are low, moderate income.

Erica: Starting up a business and just really not, um, that population that banks would, would be excited to lend to, um, could be, uh, many of our businesses are minority did in fact, 82% of, you know, who are borrowers are African-American.

Erica: We prided ourselves on just reaching the most vulnerable, the most underserved, uh, entrepreneur and providing resources to help empower them.

Ready to watch the full episode? Go to our YouTube channel by going here or click here to watch all of our season 1 and season 2 episodes.

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