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The Hit Show Empire Helped My Career.

Season 1 Episode 33.

Charles: Empire is what put me in the mainstream. And then right there, I mean, like I tell him about my saying that empire was, if I didn't do empire that I wouldn't have progress in my career, but I can say I wouldn't progress as fast as I would to have done because you know, people have to understand empire was the number one show in the world.

Charles: When I came in, it just went to another level, begin the season three and then you got a season three and four. There was the highest Brooklyn Britain episode seasons, you know, in the franchise.

Charles: So the come in and be a part of that, you know, I had people been hitting me up. I didn't have to audition for nothing from TV. Simply because I'm going to empire and it's business, you know, if you're part of a prime time show and you're being featured and they, you know, known from that, it brings that same, you know, impacted, um, building to a, um, you know, a project of anybody else's.

Charles: So it's, I mean, shave empire, man. I can't, no matter what I do, man, I done done tons of stuff, man, and still going, but it always be a highlight

Ready to watch the full episode? Go to our YouTube channel by going here or click here to watch all of our season 1 and season 2 episodes.

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