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New Law Passed in Wake of George Floyds Murder Calls for Racial Justice and Police Reform.

The State of Illinois passed a new sweeping criminal justice reform bill, spearheaded by State Senator Elgie Sim, with a goal to restore broken trust between the police and the public.

The first part of the bill was signed by Governor Pritzker in February but was just made a law on three weeks ago. The bill expands the new procedures for no-knock warrants, require police to wear body cameras by 2025, and ending cash bail by 2023.

“It fundamentally changes the way we do policing in this state, it fundamentally reimagines how we look at criminal justice in this state,” State Sen. Elgie Sims (17th District)

Under this new law, officers will be legal binding duties to provide life saving assistance and to intervene when if another officer is using excessive force.

Officers will also have limited ability to use excessive force, choke holds will be banned, and the use of rubber bullets and taser will be restricted.

Read the new bill by going here and you can read the full article by WGN TV by going here.

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