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Updated: Jan 13

Overcrowding inside of Americas Prisons aren't new and at the rate we are going, it doesn't look like there will be a slow down. I can vividly recall during my incarceration how the prison was in discussions to add an additional bunk in all cells. We were confined to a 6 by 8 cell and to add an addition body was a recipe for disaster. What prison administrators failed to WANT to understand is over crowding causes an increase in violence and adds to the recidivism rate. When there are more people inside of a prison that its design for it breeds tension and resources are depleted. Furthermore, even the food becomes less desirable because inmate cooks are encouraged by prison staff to cut corners to stretch the limited food supply.

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Aaron Smith:

Illinois and the other 49 states including the Federal system has always wre

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Aaron Smith, founder of Escaping The Odds, grew up in public housing on the south side of Chicago. It was there that he got involved in a heroin drug operation that produced up to $15,000 a day. As a result of his crimes, he was later indicted for conspiracy to distribute heroin and fentanyl resulting in death. He was sentenced 12 years in federal prison. While serving nearly a decade in jail, Aaron had a drastic mindset shift. He decided, with God's help, that it was time to switch hustles from selling dope to chasing dreams. As an entrepreneur, podcast producer, and mentor, Aaron continues to contribute to the ever changing narrative of the formerly incarcerated. He escaped the odds and seeks to empower anyone who desires to do the same. Together we can change lives by switching mindsets and hustles. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Formerly incarcerated? Looking to invest in innovative startups? Searching for dope fits to rock? Struggling to start or grow your business? At Escaping The Odds we want to tap into the next level of freedom with you. Check out everything we have to offer.

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