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Cracking the Code to Reduce Recidivism.

Season 2 Episode 8.

Sean: We teach them how to be full stack coder software developers. It's a 12 month core, six hours a day, five days a week. That is with an instructor inside the prison in a classroom of 25 inmates at a time. And when they walk out the door, they can go really get any technology, coding job. They want, we happened to do the job for them.

Sean: We place them in the jobs and we also hire them ourselves. Oh my God, it gets better and better as we keep going with it. Right. Um, let's, what's kinda odd to me is like every institution, like this is like, this needs to be there to be there.

Sean: Yeah. We're not fast enough. We're not good enough. We've got to hustle more. We need more hustle. Aaron. We're we're trying to grow it as fast as we can. There's another group doing the same thing.

Sean: And there's some nonprofits doing the same thing and they just, we all need to grow. I got 2.2 million people sitting in prison and in the United States alone, there's a million jobs right now for coders, for software developers, according to U S labor and statistics that are unfilled because they can't find enough skilled people to fill them.

Sean: Well, why don't we just teach everybody? Well, let's teach at least a million and let's give them those jobs. It's a labor pool. That's untapped.

Ready to watch the full episode? Go to our YouTube channel by going here or click here to watch all of our season 1 and season 2 episodes.

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