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Auggie Spent 12 Years in Prison, Now He Help Others Escape the Odds.

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

An enlightening interview with Aaron Smith.

Auggie Ghilarducci has surely escaped the odds of recidivism. You have to change in order to gain. His story highlights that change happens to everyone. So we must anticipate, monitor, and adapt to the ever shifting landscapes of our lives And when things are moving within our lives ,we must not only anticipate, monitor, and adapt to those changes, but enjoy and savor them as well.

Auggie had a successful career as financial planning consultant for almost 15 years when a bad decision led to drastic change in his life. Auggie was federally charged with fraud in connection with an investment his company made on behalf of his investors. He was sent to prison for over 12 years where he lost his mom, an esteemed career, and time with his loved ones. Although Auggie's life changed in a dramatic way, he adapted to this self-afflicted adversity and found the passion and meaning in life through his faith in God.

He began to teach business topics and preparing fellow inmates for the GED test. As Auggie did his time, he realized that no matter how different someone may have looked or behaved they all wanted the same thing in the end. A way to change. A way to progress. A second opportunity.

After leaving prison with this new found understanding and a fire to grow. Auggie, along with his business partner Dan Effron, founded 2nd Opportunity, a re-entry based program for people incarcerated. 2nd opportunity partners with jails and prisons to deliver the message of change through education and hard work. They highlight that a fall is not the end, it’s the beginning to a new start and a better understanding of what our passions are.

Auggies's story reminds me of a book I read a few years back. "Who moved my cheese" By Spencer Johnson. Its a story of preparing, gaining, and achieving from the changes in one's life.

They keep moving the cheese. So get ready for the move and enjoy the process.

Edited by Joseph Boyden (currently incarcerated).

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